Our Dog Salon

The Salon

When you come into Bath and Biscuit you will be greeted with a smile from our experienced staff. We use quality clippers, blades, scissors and brushes that allow us to get a great finished look on every dog we groom. Our salon has top of the line equipment to provide a quality groom with the comfort of your dog in mind.

Hydraulic tables adjust their height making it to easy to accommodate dogs all sizes. They lower from 21” to 38” and can hold up to 250 lbs.

Our stainless steel tub is designed specifically for dogs with a dog door and steps built in. We have a hydro-surge bathing system that efficiently pumps soapy water and provides a relaxing massage and deep down clean. The hydro-surge system will penetrate even the thickest of coats making bath time quick and easy.

High velocity dryers are used to dry, fluff and remove dead hair from your dog’s coat. The offer variable air pressures making the suitable from small to large breed dogs and all coat types.

Kennels are used for short periods of time at our salon. We find this is the safest option in a busy salon where dogs are coming in and out as each dog has a safe place of their own to wait for mom or dad to pick them up. 

Sanitation is a top priority at our salon to keeping both you and your pets safe. High touch areas are cleaned regularly. All grooming equipment from leads to scissors, brushes, tables and kennels are cleaned and sanitized between each client.